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K-State Olathe Names John Pascarella as Associate Dean for Academic and Research Programs

August 19, 2010

OLATHE - John B. Pascarella is joining Kansas State University Olathe as associate dean for academic and research programs.

Pascarella, who is currently serving as associate dean of faculty and research programs and a professor of biology at the Allen E. Paul College of Science and Technology at Georgia Southern University, will start his new post Aug. 16. He will report to Dan Richardson, CEO of K-State Olathe.

"K-State Olathe is fortunate to have someone of Dr. Pascarella's caliber. His background in academic program development, linking research with external groups, and being familiar with Johnson County makes him the right person for this position," Richardson said.

K-State, K-State Olathe and One Health Kansas provide teacher in-service program

July 29, 2010

Utilizing scholarship money K-State set aside from its part of the JCERT revenue, K-State Olathe worked with Kansas State University and One Health Kansas to provide 20 Kansas high school teachers a free summer in-service program focused on food safety.

K-State architecture students to contribute to K-State Olathe

July 29, 2010

As the architecture program at K-State undergoes a new chapter in its history, some of its students will have the opportunity to design for the newest addition to K-State: the K-State Olathe Innovation Campus.

In the past, students could pursue a bachelor's degree in Architecture at K-State. However, the stringent curriculum mandated that students do graduate-level work to earn that degree. Recently, the department made a change to give students credit for all that work.

Olathe North students work with K-State researchers on senior project

July 29, 2010

Collaboration between Students and Scientists: The Overview

In the first year of the partnership between K-State Olathe and the Olathe School District (OSD), four seniors at Olathe North High School had the opportunity to participate in an ongoing research project at the K-State lab of Dr. James Lillich. This qualified as their senior project for the Animal Health 21st Century Program.

K-State Olathe uses innovative design-build method for first building

July 19, 2010

Design-build is not the traditional construction method used for public projects such as a university campus. However, as the name of the Innovation Campus suggests, the idea of the newest segment of K-State is not to get mired in how different processes have been done in the past. Rather, the goal is to try new methods and take advantage of new opportunities.

Building scheduled to be enclosed within a month

July 19, 2010

Long before you make the right turn at the intersection of Valley Road and College Boulevard, you will see it. The two-story building with the glittering glass front that overlooks the stone-rimmed lake is the house that will become home to the K-State Olathe Innovation Campus.

Much has happened since ground was broken on the International Animal Health and Food Safety Institute back in November 2009. Scheduled for completion in first quarter 2011, the building is well on its way.

K-State Olathe works to reduce environmental impact of construction

July 19, 2010

For its first building, the International Animal Health and Food Safety Institute, K-State Olathe decided to pursue a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) silver rating.

Student who designed K-State Olathe logo going to work for Fossil

July 19, 2010

The idea of Matrix Studio and Business Practices, also known as ART 577, is two-fold. First of all, it gives students experience creating graphic designs based on the needs of a professional organization instead of the ordinary classroom criteria. Secondly, it gives the organizations several different options for branding them or their products.

Pull planning speeds construction for K-State Olathe

July 13, 2010

When you walk into the education trailer that sits on the construction site of the K-State Olathe Innovation Campus, the first place your eyes will go is that board on the back wall with all the colorful sticky notes.

As you read the scribbled permanent marker on each piece of paper, you recognize words and see that the chart is some kind of schedule, but you still are not quite sure what to make of it.

K-State Olathe helps develop Animal Health 21st Century Program

July 13, 2010

It all started when K-State Olathe administrators took a tour of Olathe schools.

"A question came from one of the students of how she could do research in animal health but not be her perception of the classic veterinarian in a clinical practice – basically do that research without being a clinician. Opening up such possibilities for students is a particular goal of K-State Olathe," said Teresa Woods, coordinator of the partnership between K-State Olathe and the Olathe School District (OSD).

K-State Olathe takes advantage of opportunity to work with Meadow Lane Elementary

July 1, 2010

When the ink dried on the agreement for a K-State Olathe Innovation Campus, there was every intention to partner with local schools and increase awareness of biosciences.

No one knew, however, that one of the first opportunities to interact with the schools would not be the brainchild of administrators. Rather, it would stem from a concerned kindergarten student at Meadow Lane Elementary. Her name is Ella McKee.

Olathe receives recognition for partnership to form Kansas Bioscience Park

July 1, 2010

In a world where choices are so abundant that it is sometimes hard to get people to agree on toppings for a pizza, it seems a tad obvious that creating a partnership between multiple universities, several city entities and a state entity is a rather astounding achievement.

Benefit District construction helps restore habitat

July 1, 2010

Before beginning work on the first building of the K-State Olathe Innovation Campus, months of time and energy went into the land upon which the building would be built.

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