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Your Competitive Edge

A Premier Leadership Program for Professionals


Inspiring teams to reach new levels of success takes more than a position on an organizational chart. It requires a leader who develops a culture of excellence and translates strategic vision into purposeful actions.

This is the competitive edge you will gain with our premier leadership programs for professionals. Let us elevate your leadership potential to benefit personally and professionally.

Leadership Essentials

A four-part seminar series designed for mid-level professionals at regionally-based companies and nonprofit organizations — particularly those employed in the animal health, food and agriculture sectors — who want to develop their personal leadership skills. 

Workshop topics are:

  • Maximizing Personal and Team Performance

  • Professional Presence for Leaders

  • Critical Communication Skills for Leaders

  • Engaging Across Cultural and Generational Differences


Learn more about this series



Advanced Leadership

A four-part seminar series takes your leadership skills to the next level by enhancing your team leadership skills. Learn how to motivate others in our complex work environments while driving the organization forward through strategic leadership — particularly those employed in the animal health, food and agriculture sectors. 

Workshop topics are:

  • Team Dynamics and Leadership

  • Managing in a Complex Environment

  • Business Acumen and Driving Results

  • Strategic Leadership



Certificates of completion will be provided for attendees who complete all four sessions. Upon completion of this Leadership Essentials certificate program, attendees will be encouraged to take the advanced four-part leadership program. 


Sessions can be attended separately or taken as a series. Each session is $200 per person. A 10% discount is available for attendees who enroll in all four sessions in each series, for a total of $720 for a series.