Critical Communication and Conflict Resolution Skills

Critical Communiation and Conflict Resolution Skills


March 21, 2024

9 a.m. to 4 p.m. CST

Exceptional leaders listen well and handle difficult conversations with grace and dignity. In this interactive workshop, experiential activities and real-life scenarios will help emerging and current leaders and managers from any profession become more mindful listeners and learn techniques and methods that will help them handle difficult conversation and conflict more effectively.


  • Identify personal listening style and habits and understand how these impact performance.
  • Learn ways to improve active listening skills.
  • Learn skills for navigating difficult conversations and conflict more effectively.
  • Practice skills and techniques in a safe environment.
Judy Favor

Judy Favor, Ph.D.
In the Zone Training



This workshop is available as part of the six-part Management Strategies: Pathways to Leadership series, with lunch provided.

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