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Student Resources

At K-State Olathe, students are our top priority. K-State offers a wide range of academic support services to help every student succeed. The list below includes the most frequently used resources so that graduate students at
K-State Olathe can access everything in one place.

Academic resources

• Tuition and fees

• Academic calendar

• Course schedule

• Orientation

• Scholarships and financial aid

• Scholarship application


Student services

Quick Links


Graduate School


University Resources


Alumni and Career Center


Safety and Security

Building hours

Monday through Friday 

The exterior doors are unlocked from 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Campus security is in the building until 11 p.m. and can unlock the exterior doors after hours.


The exterior doors will be unlocked when there are events/classes in the building.



Kimberly Ramacciotti
Director of Student Services