Inclement Weather

Stay safe by staying informed

During winter weather, you can find out if classes are cancelled or the campus is closed in one of these ways:

  1. The announcement will be posted on the Olathe campus home page as a banner at the top.
  2. The status of the campus also is available on the university's update webpage.
  3. Sign up to receive a text message about closings through K-State Alerts. Be sure to select K-State Olathe in your options.
  4. The announcement will be posted on the K-State Olathe's Facebook page and Twitter page.
  5. These TV stations have made arrangements to receive and announce closing notices: KMBC-TV 9, KSHB-TV 41, KCTV-TV 5 and WDAF-TV-4. Note that it can take up to 30 minutes for an announcement to appear on television.

If the decision to cancel classes is made during the day, the announcement will also be posted on the digital signs, and faculty and staff will be notified.