Leadership professional development series to strengthen managerial skills, confidence

Tuesday, August 29, 2023 | Written by Beth Jones


Two people sit discussing leadership.


OLATHE — K-State Olathe's 2024 leadership program for professionals provides the tools and skills needed to enhance management abilities — helping professionals achieve better results personally and as a team leader.

The series is a six-session event that begins in January 2024 and wraps up with a final celebration lunch in June featuring a keynote speaker. Participants who attend the leadership series also will have the opportunity to pursue personal coaching for even more hands-on learning.

By attending Management Strategies: Pathways to Leadership, participants will learn what it takes to be a strong, confident leader who supports a team while helping them grow professionally.

“Our leadership series provides practical solutions to professionals who want to learn how to lead effectively,” said Lauren Racki, professional development manager at K-State Olathe. “Attendees will learn how to better engage their teams and communicate in ways that help inspire and support their employees.”

The six-session program is designed to provide the tools needed to engage, inspire and support a team. Topics include:

  • Methods for best using strengths and emotional intelligence
  • How to communicate critically
  • Developing conflict resolution skills
  • Building and motivating effective teams
  • Evaluating and improving team performance
  • Strategy development
  • Communicating effectively across cultural differences
  • Resources and opportunities for continued growth

“I was satisfied with the level of interactive lessons and group sharing and found that this course surpassed my expectations,” said Caitlin Petit, an attendee who works as the event services manager for the Kansas City Chiefs. “I was pleased with the reflective nature of the lessons and the variety of topics.”

Each attendee will walk away with a better understanding of how to efficiently communicate while facing generational or cultural barriers, what it takes to motivate and encourage their team, how to use current skills and the best methods for improving team performance.

“Investing in your employees makes them feel respected and valued,” said Racki. “When employers take time to consider the needs of their team, including their professional goals, it shows each team member that the employer not only values them, but their future contributions to the brand.”

Sessions begin in January 2024. Join us when you register now.