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B.S. in Hospitality Management

Program Overview

This undergraduate program is for professionals in the hospitality industry who are wanting to complete their bachelor’s degree in hospitality management. The program is designed to provide professionals with managerial and leadership skills to advance their careers. 


• 8- and 16-week courses that meet once a week.

• Ability to specialize in an area most applicable to your career.

• Full-time faculty/advisors with experience as practitioners.

Competitive, flat-rate tuition and fees, regardless of state and city of residency.

• Scholarship opportunities.

• Established hospitality management program that dates back to 1952.

• Accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Programs in Hospitality Administration (ACPHA).


• Application of skills relevant to all aspects of hospitality and guest services.

• Immediate use of concepts and skills in your work environment.

• Full-time faculty/advisors with lodging and restaurant experience.

• A working relationship with Johnson County Community College, Kansas City Kansas Community College and Metropolitan Community College.

Opportunity to Specialize

The hospitality management program at the K-State Olathe campus is flexible and tailored to the Greater Kansas City region. Students can customize their degree to match their career goals by choosing from the following three tracks of interest: 

• Lodging management
• Restaurant management
• Meeting and event management
• Club management

Myron Peterson

Student Highlight

Meet Myron Peterson, assistant general manager at the Home2 Suites by Hilton, who works full-time, recently became a first-time father — and is a hospitality management student at the K-State Olathe campus. Find out why Peterson felt there was no more waiting to finish his degree. | Learn more


The curriculum is designed to prepare working professionals in the hospitality industry to become better leaders and managers in lodging, restaurants, clubs, conference centers, event spaces, sales and human resources. A systems approach to hospitality management will be explored in the curriculum and 900 hours of handson experience is required.

Course topics

• Hotel, restaurant and event operations

• Cost controls in hospitality operations

• Sales and promotions

• Beverage management

• Service systems

• Revenue management

• Facilities management

• Human resource management

• Hospitality law

• Advanced hotel operations

• Accounting

• Finance

• Marketing

Course Delivery

Some courses are offered in person and other courses are offered online. In-person classes meet once a week at the K-State Olathe campus. Online options through K-State Olathe campus also will be used. Most courses are 16 weeks in length.

Courses offered at the Olathe campus

HM 361 - Principles of Lodging Operations (3 credit hours)
Course description

Discussion of the hotel industry past, present, and future. Discover why the lodging industry does what it does and how it creates experiences that transform the lives of guests and staff alike. Students will be immersed in the strategy, operations, and details of: front office, housekeeping, sales, marketing, facilities, revenue management, accounting, food and beverage, and human resources in order to lead and manage exceptional lodging operations.


HM 421 - Hospitality Service Systems (3 credit hours)
Course description

Examination of the complexities of leading yourself and others to create experiences that transform the lives of guests. A focus on developing: leadership acumen, problem-solving methods, process management tools, work methods, team development skills, and evaluation of hospitality systems.

HM 422 - Cost Controls in Hospitality Operations (3 credit hours)
Course description

Learn to apply accounting principles to the hospitality industry. Financial tools will be applied to managing and leading in lodging, meetings/conventions/events, and food service operations. Students will employ managerial, financial, and ethical considerations associated with procurement as well as human resource management.


HM 424 - Sales and Promotion (3 credit hours)
Course description

This course guides the student to explore and understand successful sales and sales management behaviors in the hospitality industry. This course will focus on relational selling and include both asking for sales and being a hotel sales manager. Students will develop a comprehension in selling approaches, conversations and presentations, and sales management techniques.


HM 664 - Advanced Hotel Operations (3 credit hours)
Course description

Use strategic management processes as decision-making tools to integrate marketing, human resources, operations, and financial performance measures in the leadership and management of a dynamic hotel environment. Discuss strategic management with hotel leaders from across Greater Kansas City.


Course documents 

• Academic Career Plan Worksheet

• Program of Study Template

• Course Flyer for Olathe Courses

Career Pathways

The following professions are available to graduates with a bachelor's degree in hospitality management:

Owner/EntrepreneurDirector of events
General managerConference service manager
Director of roomsRevenue manager
Director of salesDirector of food and beverage


How long does it take to complete the program?

The program is designed for students to complete their bachelor’s degree in two to three years, depending on course transferability.


What courses transfer to Kansas State University's degree completion program?

Use the Course Transfer Equivalency database — olathe.k-state.edu/transfermycourses — to find which credits transfer.

For specic questions about courses, email olatheapp@k-state.edu.


Why earn a bachelor's degree?

A degree in hospitality, along with work experience, will open doors to a richer hospitality leadership position. In addition, the program’s faculty are well connected with area hospitality leaders — allowing you to live in KC, work in KC and earn your degree in KC.

Admission Requirements

Enrollment is open for the fall 2019 semester.


Brett Horton

Brett Horton
Professor of Practice in
Hospitality Management
Learn more

Admissions Guide

Admissions requirements are outlined in the downloadable pdf file in the link below. 

B.S. in Hospitality Management Admissions Checklist