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Gallery of Art at K-State Olathe

K-State Olathe is proud to house multiple original sculptures, paintings and photographs from many local artists.  

Click on an image to view a larger version and more information about the work. 

Jeff Aeling - Cattlepond West of Topeka, KS
"Cattlepond West of Topeka, KS" by Jeff Aeling

Archie Scott Gobber - Brainstorm
"Brainstorm" by Archie Scott Gobber

Joey Grimm - Directed Futures
"Directed Futures" by Joey Grimm

Lisa Grossman - Unseen Horizon
"Unseen Horizon" by Lisa Grossman

Tracy Krumm - 10 Stripes
"10 Stripes" by Tracy Krumm

Jane Lackey - genePool(1) & genePool(2)
"genePool(1) & genePool(2)" by Jane Lackey

Anne Lindberg - Motion Cloud
"Motion Cloud" by Anne Lindberg

Mike McMann - There Must Be Some Mistake, The Connection and Tumbleweed Estates
"There Must Be Some Mistake - The Connection - Tumbleweed Estates" by Mike McMann

Erin Weirsma - 3.17.2011
"3.17.2011" by Erin Wiersma

Share your work

If you are interested in contributing pieces for display at K-State Olathe, please contact 913-541-1220 and olatheinfo@k-state.edu.