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K-State 2025

In February 2010, Kansas State University launched an ambitious planning initiative with the visionary goal to be recognized as a Top 50 Public Research University by 2025. Building on our collective history as a public land-grant institution, we embarked on a planning process that was inclusive and exciting. With broad involvement, K-Staters worked together to craft our future. 

Realizing the vision of K-State 2025 requires an institutional commitment to planning and holding ourselves accountable at all levels. During Fall 2011, Colleges and Major Units began aligning their strategic planning with the K-State 2025 visionary plan.

K-State Olathe continues to grow and evolve in order to expand Kansas State University's impact in the Greater Kansas City region. As we move forward with the next phase of growth for K-State Olathe and advancing the K-State 2025 vision, see our updated Strategic Action Plan.

K-State Olathe Strategic Action Plan

K-State 2025 Visionary Plan


To expand potential through education, research and engagement. 


Enhance Kansas State University's impact in the Greater Kansas City region through high-quality education, applied research and engagement.