K-State Olathe Applied Biosciences program transitions to Master of Science

Monday, Oct. 16, 2023 | Written by Beth Jones


OLATHE — Kansas State University Olathe students who want to pursue education in the biosciences have had the opportunity to pursue a Professional Science Master in Applied Biosciences.

Starting Spring 2024, students will be able to take the same classes, study the same topics and work with the same faculty members, but the degree type will transition from a Professional Science Master to a Master of Science (M.S.). No other changes are being made to the program.

The degree type is changing to be more familiar to prospective students and employers in animal health, food safety and food security industries.

This 30 credit hour graduate degree fuses advanced scientific knowledge in animal health and food safety and security with professional skills for those who aspire to managerial and supervisory roles in their laboratory, unit or business.

The overall program curriculum and structure will remain the same and the program will continue to maintain its affiliation with the National Professional Science Master’s Association.

The program will continue to offer students the chance to learn core competencies such as managing ambiguity, building effective teams and complex problem-solving.

Current students who wish to change their degree type to M.S. should contact Caelee Lehman, academic program coordinator, no later than Friday, Nov. 17, 2023.