Enrollment opens in full-stack Web development career transition program

June 1, 2021 | Written by Greg Tammen


OLATHE – Kansas State University's Olathe campus is offering an onramp for those looking to transition to a full-stack Web development career.

The Full-Stack Development Bootcamp is a 400-hour, cohort-based, noncredit job training program that provides accelerated training in Web design, Web development and software engineering. Classes are taught live by experts in the field who use real-world projects and hands-on training exercises designed to take people of all backgrounds and skillsets with zero full-stack Web development experience to industry ready professionals in less than a year.

In addition to in-depth training about their new career field, participants receive career development support and mentoring, as well as services such as resume writing, LinkedIn profile building, interview coaching and job placement assistance.

Enrollment in the Full-Stack Development Bootcamp is currently open and the first cohort begins July 12.

"We have been thrilled to see such high demand for our current digital skill bootcamps and are excited to launch this third program to meet the high demand area of Web design and development in the Kansas City area," said Angela Buzard, manager of training and development for K-State Olathe. "Nontraditional programs like these are a critical component to meet the current demands in the tech industry, and K-State is pleased to be delivering quality programs that are meeting industry needs while offering students a new career path or a career transition."

The Full-Stack Development Bootcamp is the third offering in K-State Olathe's Digital Skills Bootcamps portfolio of cyber-related professional development. The bootcamps were developed by K-State Olathe and powered by HackerU, an institute that works with academic institutions, government organizations and global companies to offer advanced workforce and professional development programs in digital skills. After six months in operations, the bootcamps have been met with great success in having more than 300 participants.

The bootcamp's full-stack Web development curriculum is made up of three course clusters.

The first group of courses covers the fundamentals of development and focuses mainly on front-end software development. The second portion focuses on the MongoDB, Express, React, Node Stack, or MERN Stack — one of today's most popular technologies for building a single-page application. The third section covers Python, a powerful programming language used in back-end web development, scripting and general-purpose programming to create cutting-edge native, hybrid, mobile and Web applications.

The course material is consistently updated to encompass current software development practices.

Throughout the bootcamp, learners will complete three milestone projects that showcase their knowledge and experience when applying to jobs in the field.

  • A front-end project, in which students build an in-browser game using HTML, CSS and JavaScript;
  • A MERN stack project demonstrating full-stack ability, including React on the front-end, Node/Express on the back end and persistent data in a MongoDB NoSQL database;
  • A back-end project utilizing Python or Node.

On top of the 400 in-class hours, learners also have access to up to 100 asynchronous content hours, which include pre-recorded sessions and activities tailored to varying skill levels. The additional hours are optional and can help students further their software programming knowledge. Fifty-five asynchronous hours are required before program completion.

Multiple Career Services Workshops also are included as part of the program and provide professional development support in areas such as resume-building, interview training, LinkedIn profile optimization and job placement assistance. Upon program completion, participants can earn a Full-Stack Development certificate from K-State Olathe.

"In a time when technological advancement is occurring at such a rapid pace, software developers that know both the front and back-end of systems are essential," said Ayal Stern, CEO of HackerUSA. "This is especially true now, as companies across all industries migrate their businesses to hybrid and even fully virtual models in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We're proud to expand our partnership with K-State Olathe to provide additional economic and educational growth opportunities to the Greater Kansas community."

Visit digitalskills.ksu.edu to register and learn more about the Full-Stack Development Bootcamp or call 913-361-7300 to speak with an admissions advisor.