Angela Buzard

Manager (Former — Retired July 22, 2021)
Training and Development


Angela Buzard

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Angela Buzard is the manager of training and development at K-State Olathe. She creates and manages self-supporting educational programs and activities that enhance workforce development in Greater Kansas City.

Buzard works with industry partners to identify their needs regarding the education and skills of their employees. She then works with subject matter experts at K-State Olathe, Kansas State University among others in the region to develop content for professional development courses that address the identified knowledge gaps. She also designs and produces materials that support the programs, such as online training modules, handbooks and videos.

Once the programs are developed and delivered, Buzard evaluates the success of the programs and manages future growth and expansion.

Buzard also is the chair of the Kansas City Association for Talent Development's Annual Conference, which was held on Sept. 10, 2019. Under her leadership, the conference was the biggest to date with 160 attendees and 13 vendors/sponsors.

Buzard also presented a webinar to the National Association of Talent Development in August 2019.

Prior to joining K-State Olathe, Buzard served in a variety of roles at Wichita State University in the School of Public Affairs; most recently as a senior program manager. While there, she developed, managed and delivered self-supporting training programs and supplemental materials for trainings on a variety of technical and management topics. Trainings were developed for government, business, higher education and nonprofit partners.

Additionally, Buzard wrote grant and contract proposals that led to $4.2 million in funding to these programs which provided continuing education to hundreds of participants across Kansas and the U.S.

Buzard earned her master's degree in public administration along with graduate certificates in economic development, city/county management and public finance from Wichita State University. She has a bachelor's degree in environmental studies from the University of Kansas.