K-State Olathe offers KC students a food science 'boot camp' for academic credit in July

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

OLATHE — This summer, students living in Greater Kansas City can earn academic credit through a food science "boot camp" at Kansas State University Olathe. The courses are available to undergraduate and graduate students at Kansas State University, as well as students at other universities.

FDSCI 600 and FDSCI 601 are being offered through K-State Olathe July 3-28. Both courses will be taught in an accelerated format. The courses are online for the first two weeks and are in-person at K-State Olathe for the second two weeks. Each course is two academic credit hours.

FDSCI 600 explores the fermentations, spoilage microorganisms and foodborne pathogens as they relate to the food industry, consumers and public health through an instructional lecture format. FDSCI 601 is a food microbiology lab course that focuses on the isolation, identification, enumeration and characterization of bacteria, yeasts, molds and other microbes associated with foods and food processing.

Sara Gragg, assistant professor of food science at K-State Olathe, will instruct FDSCI 600 while Danny Unruh, graduate research assistant and doctoral candidate in food science, Olathe, is helping with FDSCI 601.

Enrollment opens March 31 and runs through July 2. Students can enroll in the lecture and the lab independently.

More information and enrollment instructions are available at