Workforce Solutions in the Animal Health Industry

Invest in Your Talent

We understand the need to retain high potential talent and the cost of replacing it. That's why we bring industry into the classroom.

Our graduate-level, interdisciplinary programs are built with input from industry executives and leaders. Because of their comprehensive education, employers tell us they view our graduates as having years of on-the-job experience in the animal health industry.

Here's what K-State Olathe offers in animal health:


Applied Biosciences

Our Applied Biosciences master's degree program, along with its optional Professional Skills for STEM Practitioners and Professional Interdisciplinary Sciences graduate certificates, fuses advanced scientific knowledge with managerial and "soft" skills so that lab managers and unit leads have the education and resources they need for their team's success.


Veterinary Biomedical Science

The Veterinary Biomedical Science master's degree program provides an in-depth understanding of animal physiology, diseases and their relevance to human health.


Regulatory Affairs

Our Animal Health Regulatory Affairs graduate certificate blends the animal science with the regulatory policy involved in managing multimillion dollar products throughout the development process to bringing them to market.



Business, policy and regulation knowledge and skills are taught in the Master of Agribusiness and the Animal Health Management graduate certificate helps graduates make better economic decisions for their companies.


Professional Development

Retaining top and high potential talent is essential when it comes to time, productivity, finances and the company's future. That's why we offer ongoing animal health workshops and seminars about highly specialized topics that are relevant to the field, such as regulatory affairs, CRO and sponsored research, artificial intelligence and advanced biologics.

We also offer a series on leadership skills with topics about building and motivating effective teams, effectively engaging across cultural and generational differences, using strengths and emotional intelligence to maximize individual and team performance, and more.


Customized Trainings

Interested in a highly specialized workshop about a topic that's relevant to your company? Our team can assemble a series of topics experts who can provide customized programs that fit your needs.


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