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Professional Science Master in Applied Biosciences

Step into a new leadership role with the confidence and skills you need.

The Professional Science Master in Applied Biosciences is a specialized 30 credit hour graduate degree that fuses advanced scientific knowledge in the animal health and food safety and security sectors with professional skills for those who aspire to managerial and supervisory roles in their laboratory, unit or business.

What is a PSM degree?

A professional science master's degree, or PSM, is a unique, industry-focused graduate program that provides advanced training in the sciences with the leadership and managerial skills highly valued by employers.

More about PSM degrees in the U.S.

Nationally, there are more than 300 PSMs at more than 150 institutions. Many of the programs are located on the east and west coasts. Kansas has three PSM programs.

Kansas State University's professional science master's program is distinctive for its course offerings in the animal health sciences.


Benefits of earning a PSM at K-State Olathe

• Practical, real-world application and in-demand business skills for career advancement. 

• Cross-disciplinary education.

• Science-related courses that focus on animal health and food safety and security. Content areas include:

  • Animal science
  • Food science
  • Horticulture
  • Consumer science
  • Veterinary biomedical sciences
  • Leadership
  • Management

• Core competencies you'll learn: 

  • Interpreting and applying data
  • Managing ambiguity
  • Project management
  • Building effective teams
  • Complex problem-solving

• Short completion time. It typically takes two years to earn a degree.

• Access to the industry mentor program. PSM students also have the opportunity to have a faculty mentor and, for those doing an internship, an internship mentor, arranged through their academic advisor.


Degree Tracks

There are two academic tracks within this program. You’ll be asked to declare a track at the time of admission. Each track is 12 credit hours within the total 30 credit hour program.

Animal Health Track

Courses in the animal health track provide you with knowledge of diseases that affect animals, as well as the interconnections among animals, humans and the environment. When paired with the professional skills courses, you’ll be prepared to lead and manage in commercial, governmental or nonprofit organizations related to the animal health industry.


Food Safety and Security Track

Courses in the food safety and security track provide you with knowledge and skills in the areas of food science, food safety, horticulture, nutrition and consumer science. When paired with the professional skills courses, you’ll be prepared to lead and manage in commercial, governmental or nonprofit organizations related to the food industry.



The vast course catalog enables you to tailor the curriculum to fit your career goals by choosing from a variety of courses. Your curriculum will consist of 15 credit hours of STEM skills, 12 credit hours of professional skills and 3 credit hours in the capstone experience.

Stackable Credentials

Further your knowledge — and resume — with stackable credentials in the form of two graduate certificates. Both certificates plus a capstone experience can be completed while earning your degree.

Professional Interdisciplinary Sciences Graduate Certificate

Develop and enhance your interdisciplinary skills in order to more effectively tackle broad and multifaceted challenges that arise in animal health and food safety and security.

This program is 12 credit hours.

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Professional Skills for STEM Practitioners Graduate Certificate

Gain the management, communication and critical thinking skills necessary for leadership roles in STEM industries and fields.

This program is 15 credit hours.

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Career Outcomes

Professional science master's degree graduates have certain career advantages.

The degree opens the door for managerial and supervisory roles in laboratories, research units, business and also governmental and nonprofit organizations. Positions include lab manager or director of quality assurance, and mid- to senior-level scientific or technical positions, such as project manager.

Additionally, employers in Greater Kansas City are seeking employees with the education and skill sets taught in this program.

Emily Overmyer

Alumni Success Story

Learn how Emily Overmyer and other alumni advanced their career goals with a Professional Science Master's degree. 

Tuition Cost

This 30 credit hour program is offered at K-State's Olathe campus and online. Tuition rates vary depending on the department and delivery method for each course.

As of the 2019 academic year, the average cost is as follows:

• Part-time student (all Olathe courses): $16,406

• Full-time student (all Olathe courses): $15,641

• All online: $17,037

K-State's Olathe campus offers in-state tuition, regardless of where students live.

The Professional Science Master's in Applied Biosciences degree was previously named the Professional Science Master's in Applied Science and Technology.