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Apply To K-State Olathe

Kansas State University Olathe offers a wide variety of graduate degrees and certificates to help you reach your educational goals. Kansas State University is a four-campus system, and K-State Olathe opened in 2011 as the newest member of the family. K-State Olathe supports a range of academic, research and outreach activities focused on expanding the educational and economic growth opportunities for the region.

How to Apply

A step-by-step guide is available from the Graduate School. Find out about the application process, how to upload transcripts, how to check your application process and more.

Once you've created an online account and have reviewed the application process, complete the online application.

Master's Students

If you are applying for a master's degree, please review the checklist for master's degree students. It walks you through the entire process of the master's degree program — from enrolling in a program to commencement. The page also contains a coursework checklist and thesis checklist.

Doctoral Students

If you are applying to a doctoral program, please review the checklist for doctoral students.It guides you through the entire doctoral program process — from selecting a major professor to commencement.

Program Requirements

Each graduate program at Kansas State University determines the materials needed for making admission decisions. Contact our student services department to learn more about application materials, deadlines and information about the application process for each program. 

Program checklists are PDF files. 

  Adult Learning and Leadership, Master's Degree

  Adult Learning and Leadership, Doctorate

  Counselor Education and Supervision, Doctorate

  Master of Agribusiness (MAB)

  Food Science


  Master of Public Health (MPH)

  School Counseling, Master's Degree

  Veterinary Biomedical Science (VBS)

  Professional Science Master's (PSM)



Lauren Racki
Admissions Rep./Recruiter