Student fees removed at K-State Olathe; degrees become more affordable

June 18, 2021 | Written by Greg Tammen


K-State is simplifying and reducing its tuition and fees structure, as recently approved by the Kansas Board of Regents.

For K-State Olathe, this means the elimination of the $127 per credit hour campus fee and the $127 summer/intersession fees. On average, this now saves students more than $3,800 on a 30 credit hour master's degree and more than $11,000 on a doctorate. Undergraduates completing their bachelor's degree also save thousands of dollars compared to previous rates.

The new tuition rate for graduate students is $428.90 per credit hour and $316.30 per credit hour for undergraduates. K-State Olathe has no out-of-state tuition fee for students living outside of Kansas and also provides scholarship opportunities.

K-State Olathe's campus and summer/intersession fees were enacted to support new academic programs, faculty to teach them and services as the campus established itself and grew over the past decade. These fees are now able to be offset as credit hours have grown, professional development programming has thrived, bonds have been refinanced and overall revenue has been enhanced for K-State Olathe. No services will be lost with the fee removals.

Reducing barriers such as cost to make education more affordable and accessible is core to K-State's land-grant mission, and a mission K-State Olathe is proud to support.

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