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July 2016 News Releases

PSM roundtableIndustry leaders discuss Kansas City workforce needs at degree roundtable

Twenty-eight industry leaders discussed the skills and training needed of Greater Kansas City's workforce to keep the region competitive and continue to grow at a recent K-State Olathe roundtable. 


Jim StoreyHospitality management professor of practice joins K-State Olathe

Jim Storey joined K-State Olathe as a professor of practice in hospitality management.



Food cooling projectProject looks at how temperature affects food safety of school lunches

Researchers are using temperature to improve the safety of leftover food in schools and child care centers. The project looks at how temperature and cooling techniques used by schools when preparing and storing food affects the growth of foodborne pathogens. 


K-StateKansas State University tops ranking of state's best universities

The top university in Kansas is Kansas State University, according to rankings by Money magazine.