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K-State Olathe

Sensory and Consumer Research Center

The Sensory and Consumer Research Center is a full service consumer research facility offering both qualitative and quantitative research in addition to consulting and project management. With staff experienced in testing a wide range of food and other consumer products, the center can work with clients to meet all of their objectives. 

The Center is located at the K-State Olathe campus, just minutes away from some of the most densely populated areas of Kansas City. We are continuing to grow a large database of consumers of all ages and demographics, to meet all recruitment needs.

The Facility

  • Multipurpose rooms for large consumer studies (up to 45 per session)
  • Focus group rooms with live video streaming capabilities
  • Theatre style rooms for viewing audio/visual material
  • 7 Individual testing booths
  • Video cameras for real-time viewing
  • Demonstration kitchen for viewing food preparation or food handling
  • Industry kitchen and equipment with capabilities to rent other equipment as needed


  • Consultation
  • Project Management
  • Experimental Design
  • Quantitative Research — Central Location testing or home use testing or combinations of both
  • Qualitative Research — exit interviews, mini discussion groups, focus groups
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Data Interpretation
  • Reporting

Utilizing the Sensory and Consumer Research Center

If you are interested in utilizing the Sensory and Consumer Research Center for your next project, please email Marianne Swaney-Stueve or call

Participate in a Study

If you would like to be a study participant, the Center is continually seeking consumers interested in sharing their honest opinions about food or consumer products. We offer daytime and evening testing times at the Center in addition to studies where products are sent home to be used. Consumers of all ages are welcome.

Recent Research

Emoji scale posterResearchers at the Sensory and Consumer Research Center developed an emoji scale that is an effective tool for measuring kids' emotional response to products in Korea and the U.S.

See the poster



Marianne Swaney-Stueve

Marianne Swaney-Stueve
Research Assistant Professor of Human Nutrition
Manager, Sensory and Consumer Research Center

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