Applied Biosciences Alumni Profile

Regina M.

Scientist III
Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health USA Inc.

Regina M.



What was your undergraduate degree in?

Biology with a minor in chemistry.


Why did you decide to pursue an applied biosciences master's degree?

The program offered a wide range of classes I could tailor to my own interests. Classes offered in the evenings and online to allow for flexibility of completing a master’s degree with a full time job and family. The program offers a combination of professional development courses as well as STEM classes to develop both aspects needed in a manufacturing career.


How has the degree contributed to your career?

This program has helped develop my leadership and project management skills, as well as broadened my understanding of vaccine development. I have seen an increase in confidence in my work that I contribute to my increased knowledge in leadership and vaccine development. I have been promoted twice during my work on my degree, and I am now a people leader. I would encourage anyone in the scientific manufacturing field looking to pursue a master’s degree to consider the applied biosciences program and K-State University.


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