Applied Biosciences Alumni Profile

Michael Paton

Manager of BioPharma Services
KCAS Bioanalytical and Biomarker Services

Michael P.


What was your undergraduate degree in?

I earned a B.S. in Life Science with an emphasis in biology from Kansas State University in 2006. After a few years spent exploring the scientific workforce landscape, I settled into a bio-analytical contract research organization (CRO), and have been working in that capacity ever since.


Why did you decide to pursue an applied biosciences master's degree?

After a decade in the industry, I had accumulated enough experience and skill that I began to have some opportunities to work beyond the lab bench. Once I found myself needing to manage high-level project workflows, supervise and lead research teams, and functionally contribute to the business aspects of doing science, I began to feel quite under-prepared.

The applied biosciences program provided the opportunity for me to fine tune my science powers while simultaneously grafting business and leadership skills into my toolbox. Far more than other programs I evaluated, the program seemed designed to practically equip me for further success.


How has the program contributed to your career?

Not only are there instances where having a graduate degree is useful, but working while earning my applied biosciences degree allowed me to instantly apply many classroom learnings to the real world, and with that practice I now feel prepared to tackle a great many questions.

Perhaps the most useful post-program shift in my career is the broadened perspective that I can now apply to my work. This degree encouraged me to seek out and utilize a great many disciplines, scientific and otherwise and learning how to assemble and leverage an interdisciplinary team facilitates all the goals I have for my laboratory and my career.


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