Applied Biosciences Alumni Profile

Johanna Z.

Contract Health Coach

Johanna Z.


What was your undergraduate degree in?

I have a B.S. in Dietetics. I also am a Certified Health and Wellness Coach through Wellcoaches.


Why did you decide to pursue a applied biosciences master's degree?

I was initially interested in the program because of its inter- and multidisciplinary nature. I am a registered dietitian, but did not necessarily want to pursue a master’s of science in dietetics because I wanted more than more science education.

Instead, I was looking for something that would challenge my critical thinking and problem solving skills, help my writing and presentation skills, and connect me with a wide range of professionals who could challenge me to grow in areas of leadership and innovation. While I still wanted to continue to do some dietetics-specific courses, I also wanted to gain important skills and knowledge that may help me in the future. The program seemed to be the right fit.


How has the degree contributed to your career?

The program exceeded my expectations. Now, as I continue my work as a dietitian, I have better critical-thinking skills, a better grasp of research and statistics and have noticed that my communication skills have improved. The multidisciplinary approach to the program made me a better-rounded professional in my field, and also armed me with a greater number of skills to help foster creativity and innovative approaches to solving dietetics problems.


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