Applied Biosciences Alumni Profile

Darina Durlova

New Product Transfer Scientist in Vaccine Process Development

Darina D.



What was your undergraduate degree in?

B.S in Biology from Park University


Why did you decide to pursue an applied biosciences master's degree?

The program offered a great selection of professional and STEM classes, rather than focusing on just one field. Professional skills such as communication or management are crucial for succeeding in any career, while the STEM classes were directly applicable to vaccine manufacturing.


How has the degree contributed to your career?

It has broadened my understanding in vaccine manufacturing as well as the animal health industry. I enjoyed in-class discussions for various relevant topics and the seminars offered by K-State. The program challenged me to be a problem-solver by applying multidisciplinary approach during the completion of the capstone project. Combination of scientific and communication skills that I developed during the program has helped me gain self-confidence and expertise in veterinary vaccine manufacturing.


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