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Counseling and Educational Psychology Courses

EDCEP 817. Statistical Methods in Education  (3 credits)
This course is an introduction to statistical methods that can be applied to education, including organizational and graphical representation of data, regression and correlation, sampling methods, probability, confidence intervals, and hypothesis testing. The course focuses on mathematical reasoning and solving of problems rather than on routine skills. Topics examined include: descriptive statistics (frequency distributions, graphing and measures of location and variation), probability distributions (normal distributions and normal curve), random samples and sampling techniques, statistical inference (estimation, hypothesis testing, t-test, chi-square test, and errors), correlation and regression, and F-test and analysis of variance. Statistics software is used to minimize calculations.

EDCEP 917. Experimental Design  (3 credits)
This course will focus on the philosophy, planning, and evaluation of research in education. This will include an overview of experimental designs appropriate for educational research with special emphasis on multivariate procedures. Computer oriented.

EDCEP 955. Professional Counseling Ethics  (3 credits)
Examination of ethical standards developed by professional organizations of counselors. Current interpretations of standards and applications are developed through case studies, essays, reading, and literature review.

EDCEP 967. Advanced Counseling Appraisal  (3 credits)
Advanced application of appraisal models and methods for use with clientele. Specific personality tests and classification systems will be addressed.

EDCEP 977. Advanced Counseling Practices  (3-6 credits) 
Intense supervised practice in counseling. Particular emphasis will be given to the development of skills for intervention into human problems and time-limited case.

EDCEP 987. Counseling Supervision Practicum  (3 credits)
An advanced course in the theory, techniques, and problems of supervising persons being trained as counselors. Course emphasis is on actual supervisory experiences with beginning counselors. Open to advanced doctoral students only with consent of instructor.