Media Access

A media resources page has been created to allow media access to b-roll footage of the facility. This is a password-access site.

Click here to access.

The following clips are available:

US-China Center - Director JiShu Shi and assistant scientist Amy Beckley perform tests in their lab.

Demo Rooms - Kitchen demonstrations are conducted in the Studio Kitchen at K-State Olathe.

Forum Hall - With a seating capacity of 125, the Forum Hall is theater-style, with translation booths and worldwide video conferencing technology.

Kitchen - The industrial-sized teaching kitchens are sought-after for restaurant training, catering and K-12 events.

Smart VET - Business Development Director Randall Tosh demonstrates Vet Cap, a "paint-gun" type technology to deliver vaccinations to cattle.

Atrium - Also known as the "Bistro" area, this area of K-State Olathe has seating, views of the pond and is the center of the building with streaming natural light, an outdoor patio and a balcony.

Classrooms - The classrooms at K-State Olathe are state-of-the-art, with video conferencing, touch-screen technology and functionality to accomodate various learning styles.

Exterior - The main entrance of the 108,000 square foot International Animal Health and Food Safety Institute is showcased.