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Giving to K-State Olathe

A message from the dean

As Kansas State University Olathe, our campus is dedicated to the university’s land-grant mission of education, research and outreach. In addition, the campus’ location in the Greater Kansas City area gives us the unique ability to connect industry and organizations with the expertise and resources of the entire university system. Whether we are helping an individual reach career success, assisting a business grow through innovation or helping meet the demand for a well-qualified STEM workforce, K-State Olathe is committed to excellence and, through your generous support, this campus better serves our community.

Reasons to give

K-State Olathe needs your support to continue to advance the campus' mission and serve Greater Kansas City. Your giving helps open the door to a graduate education for working professionals through scholarships, inspires students in grades K-12 to enter into STEM careers and fill future workforce needs, and ensures that research and the search for innovations progresses and improves the quality of life. Aligned with our campus mission, key funding areas are a priority and are identified for your consideration. 

Browse online giving options

Looking to make a gift online, but want to learn more about funds you can support first? Please take time to browse the options below or contact us to find out about other fund options that fit your interest area. 

K-State Olathe Excellence Fund (C28730)

K-State Olathe strives to be responsive to emerging needs in our region and opportunities that will help with economic growth and development. By making a donation to the K-State Olathe Excellence Fund, you will be supporting these emerging initiatives that will make an impact on our community. 

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K-State Olathe General Scholarship Fund (N29315)

Higher education is an investment in the growth and prosperity of our community and developing the next generation of leaders. Your donation to the General Scholarship fund will help students reach their goals to pursue a graduate degree at K-State Olathe. 

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K-12 Programs (C28219)

The growth of the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math professions is outpacing the talent to meet the workforce needs. To continue to grow in these emerging sectors, we need to work with elementary to undergraduate students to pursue careers in the STEM areas. Your support to K-12 Programs will provide activities for students and teachers to embed STEM education throughout the education pipeline. 

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One Health Fund (C36540)

One Health is the convergence of human and animal health and the environment. We can work collaborative across these disciplines to help advance the health of humans and animals. K-State Olathe is working across institutions in the region to bring together human and animal health research and education and your donation can help advance our One Health Initiatives. 

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Food Programs and Research

Food safety impacts our community and the world, as this scientific discipline includes the continuum of food handling, preparation, storage and consumption of food in ways that prevent foodborne illness. Your donations will support programs and research that will advance the availability of safe and secure food sources as well as community outreach to enhance wellness. 

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Learn more about K-State Olathe

To explore more about K-State Olathe's academic programs, research and engagement activities, explore our website.

You can help!

You can become part of K-State Olathe's exciting future. We invite you to contact a member of our development staff today and begin the discussion about how you can make a difference.

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Jackie Spears
Interim Dean and CEO
K-State Olathe

Chris Spooner
Assoc. Vice President
Universitywide Development Programs
KSU Foundation