Industrial Hemp Analysis

DEA-certified laboratory for hemp testing

Our lab is the only DEA-certified laboratory in the state of Kansas registered with the USDA for analytical testing of THC concentrations in industrial hemp. We use state-of-the-art methods to accurately identify and quantify up to 16 cannabinoids—including THC, CBD, and CBG—in fresh and dried hemp, as well as prepared products.

DEA Registration number RK0595251

How Testing Works

We offer two levels of cannabinoid testing: a ‘Basic’ and ‘Expanded’ cannabinoid panel. The Basic panel covers the cannabinoids of interest to most growers interested in regulatory testing of industrial hemp and includes CBD, CBDA, THC, THCA, and CBN as well as total THC and total CBD content. The Expanded panel covers all five of the Basic panel cannabinoids as well as 11 other cannabinoids that may be present in your crop or product, including CBG/CBGA, CBC/CBCA, CBL/CBLA, CBDV/CBDVA, THCV/THCVA, and ∆-8-THC.

Every sample must be submitted with a Chain of Custody form along with any documentation required by your state for handling and testing of industrial hemp-derived products. All samples must be paid for before testing; we accept checks and all major credit cards.

We also offer bulk discounts for growers and producers interested in testing many samples at once or many samples over the course of the growing season. If you would like to hear more, please reach out to the lab manager for more details (


Submitting samples

The K-State Olathe Industrial Hemp Testing Lab is operating at reduced capacity at this time. If you would like to submit a sample for testing, please send a request to including your name, contact information, when you would like to submit your samples, and the number of samples you would like to have tested. We will contact you within one business day with more information.

Samples can be dropped off Monday and Wednesday between 10:00am and 4:00pm or submitted by mail. Please include a copy of your Chain of Custody Form with each submission. More information can be found on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Chain of Custody Form

Partner testimonial

Todd Scattini, CEO/Co-Founder of Harvest 360

"Harvest 360 Labs is excited to partner with K-State Olathe in applying the most advanced technologies to one of the world's most complex and useful plants after eight decades of prohibition. Together, we are laying the foundation that could solidify the Midwest as a major research hub for hemp."

— Todd Scattini, CEO/Co-Founder of Harvest 360


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