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Industrial Hemp Analysis

Voluntary testing of industrial hemp is now available

Our laboratory holds a State Educational Institution License with the Kansas Department of Agriculture (KDA) through participation in the 2020 Kansas Industrial Hemp Research Program.

You can now — on a voluntary basis — have your industrial hemp tested at our state-licensed testing facility for THC and CBD concentrations. Our lab has the ability to identify and quantify the following hemp-based cannabinoids: CBD, CBDA, CBN, Δ9‐THC, and Δ9‐THC-A determined by UPLC/UV.

Our methodology is aligned with the KDA laboratory that will be conducting compliance testing for total THC on a dry-weight basis.

Cannabinoid quantification services are available to individuals who are actively licensed through their state’s Department of Agriculture.

For additional information about the analysis, sampling protocols and pricing, contact us at 913-307-7393.

How do I request a hemp analysis test?

1. Fill out the Test Request form.

2. Once completed, you will receive an email from us that we have received your request.

3. After reviewing your request, you will receive confirmation of your sample drop-off day.

4. Now you're ready to collect your sample. Please review the Hemp Field Sampling Instructions document.

5. Complete the Chain of Custody Form.

6. Bring the sample(s) and the Chain of Custody Form to Kansas State University's Olathe campus (22201 W Innovation Drive Olathe, KS 66061).

Drop-off times and days for hemp samples

Thursday and Friday between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 3 p.m.
Please complete the Test Request Form to schedule your drop-off day.

Will the KDA use the hemp test results?

Testing is performed by our state-licensed facility. This voluntary test is distinct and unrelated to any testing performed by the KDA. Because the test sample is not collected by the KDA and it does not oversee the testing, test results are for your informational purposes and will not be used by the KDA for compliance purposes. Additionally, test results will not be shared with any regulatory agencies.


Our State Educational Institutional License number is 

Alternative Crop Research Act

In April 2018, the Alternative Crop Research Act was signed into law by Governor Jeff Colyer. This allows the Kansas Department of Agriculture to oversee the Kansas Industrial Hemp Research Program. Learn more.


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