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Innovation Accelerator

The K-State Olathe Innovation Accelerator is a university center designated by the Economic Development Administration which is designed to support industry by overcoming resource limitations within companies. This may be in the form of technical or business expertise where organizations do not have enough time, capital or human resources to address the wide range of tasks that need to be accomplished to start or expand their business.

How does the accelerator work?

Accelerator staff members meet with clients face-to-face in order to understand their business, products, customers and hurdles to growing their operation. These hurdles may be technical challenges in developing a new technology, scale-up difficulties with new or existing processes, conducting customer or market research or even examining new markets for product distribution.

Once a clear definition of the challenges has been identified, accelerator staff develops a project scope and begins to assemble a team of technical resources capable of assisting to develop a solution. The team may include K-State resources, other public or private research organizations or a vast network of private contractors and experts.

The goal of the accelerator is to rapidly solve industry challenges and expand economic development.


The Accelerator is a joint effort by K-State to support and grow industry across the Midwest with:

Kansas State University Olathe
Advanced Manufacturing Institute
Institute for Commercialization
Office of Corporate Engagement


Supported by the Economic Development Administration

EDA logoThe K-State Olathe Innovation Accelerator is supported by the Economic Development Administration (EDA), U.S. Department of Commerce, through its University Centers Program.

The mission of EDA is to lead the federal economic development agenda by promoting innovation and competitiveness, preparing American regions for growth and success in the worldwide economy.



Jeffrey Tucker
Executive Director