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A structured data platform to improve the lives of
humans and animals

What can we learn from animals to help humans and vice versa? Working together across species and organizations to improve human and animal health will help enhance research and, ultimately, improve the lives of all species.

About 1Data

1Data is the result of a unique partnership formed between Kansas State University and the University of Missouri-Kansas City, which leverages the strengths of our region to develop a platform to share human and animal health research data. Other organizations also are part of this effort, including Children's Mercy Hospital, University of Kansas Medical Center, Cerner, Aratana, MRIGlobal, KCALSI, St. Luke's Health System and many others. 

Goals of 1Data

The platform can be used by researchers, industry, health providers and community organizations to impact the drugs and technology available to help save lives and improve quality of life. 1Data allows for mining of shared data that can:

  • Accelerate the development of human and animal drugs
  • Enhance the regulatory approval process
  • Decrease the use of animal testing

The 1Data initiative will enable the use of incomplete or "messy" data that is available, but not in a format that is currently useful for research. The framework will develop a clearinghouse for the collection and integration of multiple databases to develop the next generation of approaches from experimental, theoretical and computational perspectives. 

Ultimately, the new knowledge gained will benefit organizations, companies, research hospitals and universities — and, most importantly, enhance the lives of humans and animals. 

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To learn more about 1Data, its benefits and opportunities to collaborate, please contact:

Debbie Kirchhoff
K-State Olathe

Gerald Wyckoff, Ph.D.

Majid Jaberi-Douraki, Ph.D.


Partner Organizations

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