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College of Technology Courses

COT 703. Project Management for Professionals  (3 credits)
This course focuses on applied project management methodology, tools, and techniques. Topics include career aspects of project management; business factors affecting the project; project organization, planning, execution, and communications; the project life cycle; risk analysis; and best practices in project management.

COT 704. Managerial Finances, Metrics, and Analytics  (3 credits)
Provides an overview of an organization’s financial statements, with an emphasis on the interaction between people in management positions and those statements, as well as an examination of the business investment decision-making process. Explores the use of metrics and analytics to measure and improve managerial performance.

COT 706. Informatics and Technology Management  (3 credits)
Provides theoretical and practical experience in using information technology to support organizational decision-making processes. Provides tools in areas such as statistics, research methods, data mining, and information technology to develop solutions tailored to business problems.