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Statistics Courses

STAT 701. Fundamental Methods of Biostatistics  (3 credits)
A course emphasizing concepts and practices of statistical data analysis for the health sciences. Basic techniques of descriptive and inferential statistical methods applied to health related surveys and designed experiments. Populations and samples, parameters and statistics; sampling distributions for hypothesis testing and confidence intervals for means and proportions involving one sample, paired samples and multiple independent samples; odd rations, risk ratios, simple linear regression.

STAT 703. Introduction to Statistical Methods for the Sciences  (3 credits)
Statistical concepts and methods applied to experimental and survey research in the sciences; tests of hypotheses, parametric and rank tests; point estimation and confidence intervals; linear regression; correlation; one-way analysis of variance; contingency tables, chi-square tests.

STAT 705. Regression and Analysis of Variance  (3 credits)
Simple and multiple linear regression, analysis of covariance, correlation analysis, one-, two-, and three-way analysis of variance; multiple comparisons; applications including use of computers; blocking and random effects.