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Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering Courses

IMSE 605. Advanced Industrial Management  (3 credits)
Contemporary management philosophies and their impact on engineers and engineering managers. Topics include: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.

IMSE 802. Advanced Topics in Industrial Engineering
 (1-18 credits)
Lectures on recent advanced topics in industrial engineering.

IMSE 802. Topics: Engineering Entrepreneurship  (3 credits)
Develop an understanding of the entrepreneurial process as it relates to the total business process, especially in engineering. Students will create a business plan and pitch presentation that relates to their area of interest.

IMSE 802. Topics: Systems Engineering Fundamentals  (3 credits)
This course provides the fundamentals of a systems engineering approach to solving complex engineering systems problems and is applicable to all engineering disciplines involved with complex engineering systems.

IMSE 805. Management of Research and Engineering  (3 credits)
Engineering administration; organization factors in decision-making.

IMSE 806. Engineering Project Management  (3 credits)
Planning, scheduling, and controlling engineering projects. Includes determination of appropriate project team, cost/benefit analysis, PERT and CPM scheduling techniques, reporting, and use of computerized project management tools.

IMSE 991. Multiple Criteria Decision Making  (3 credits)
Decision processes for problems involving multiple conflicting criteria; multiple attribute decision making; multiple objective decision making, and group decision making under multiple criteria. Various methods/approaches for different problems are discussed.