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Food, Nutrition, Dietetics and Health Courses

FNDH 701. Sensory Analysis  (3 credits)
Sensory analysis of appearance, texture, aroma, flavor; physiology of sensory receptors; laboratory and consumer panels; and interpretation of data.

FNDH 711. Pet Food Sensory Analysis  
(2 credits)
Sensory analysis of food and other products for non-food animals (e.g. dogs and cats with mention of other species) with an emphasis on methods (descriptive, discrimination, consumer, sensory-related instrumental) used in the laboratory and in the field.

FNDH 834. Descriptive Sensory Analysis: Food and Fragrance
 (1 credit)
Identification and use of descriptive sensory attributes as they relate to food and fragrance for product development, research, and quality control. Practical experiences in identifying, describing, and application of food and fragrance attributes. Lecture.

FNDH 836. Descriptive Sensory Analysis: Panel Training  (1 credit)
Techniques for training and evaluating sensory descriptive panels for use in product development, research, and quality control.  Lecture.

FNDH 841. Consumer Research – Fundamentals 
 (1 credit)
Fundamentals of consumer research in terms of organizing and executing studies. Planning studies, selecting products, recruiting target consumers, and organizing study execution are included.

FNDH 843. Consumer Research – Qualitative  (1 credit)
This course provides a deep dive into qualitative research, including the design, application, execution, and reporting. This course will educate the student on the appropriate tools for qualitative data collection based on the objectives, with a particular emphasis on interviews and focus groups.

FNDH 848. Consumer Research – Quantitative  (1 credit)
Methods and issues associated with measuring consumer responses to products including preference testing, preference ranking, acceptance testing, hedonic scales, and consumption testing.