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Animal Sciences and Industry

ASI 671. Meat Selection and Utilization  (2 credits)
Emphasis on meat cut identification, muscle and bone anatomy, grades, fabricated meat, institutional cuts, specification writing, processing, meat preparation and shrinkage costs.

ASI 675. Monogastric Nutrition  (1 credit)
An overview of the nutritional principles involved with feeding nonruminants. Topics will include digestive anatomy and the metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

ASI 678. Equine Nutrition  (1 credit)
Equine digestive anatomy and physiology. Nutrient requirements of the equine as they relate to growth, work, reproduction and lactation, as well as the relationship of nutrition to disease and environment. Practical management considerations and current equine nutrition research will be reviewed.

ASI 776. Meat Industry Technology  (3 credits)
Apply concepts and information about meat composition, product safety and spoilage, quality; formulation, processing and evaluation of cured, precooked, and sausage; packaging, troubleshooting, and plant organization. This is a Web-based lecture class intended for distance education students.