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Andrena Keesee

Operations Mgr Andrena KeeseeAndrena Keesee brings years of experience in facility management and team project construction management to her role at K-State. She grew up in Overland Park but her career took her to several states before bringing her back to Kansas. She spent more than 10 years with Louisiana State Universities Libraries in Baton Rouge as facilities manager of the Middleton Library and four years with Vanstar Corp., a technology services company in Roswell, Ga. as facilities and office services manager. She also has worked in the insurance and financial services industry as an agency administrative operations manager. That work took her to positions in Kansas City, Atlanta and New York.

Andrena earned bachelor's and master's degrees in speech and language pathology at K-State and was a speech pathologist in special education cooperatives and public schools in Kansas and Texas. She is an active member of the International Facility Management Association, serving as the website co-chair and as a board member of the Kansas City chapter www.kcifma.com.

Contact Andrena at andrena@k-state.edu or 913-307-7309.

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Andrena Keesee