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Wayne Carter

Wayne CarterPresident and CEO, Kansas City Area Life Sciences Institute

The Kansas City Area Life Sciences Institute serves to advance human and animal health through translational research, collaboration and commercialization.  Wayne Carter is an experienced life science executive with both human and veterinary expertise in pharmaceutical and nutritional products.  He practiced veterinary medicine for five years and completed advanced residency training in internal medicine and board certification in 1992. He is a technology aficionado and is passionate about applying technology to improve health care decisions. His knowledge of technology applications developed from a group started at Pfizer in 1997, which focused on improving decisions in the drug development process. In that role, Carter was responsible for translational research and led the company’s North American clinical facilities in the development, validation and implementation of new clinical technologies to accelerate development decisions for human pharmaceuticals. He drove decisions at Pfizer by return on investment and grew the clinical technology group to span all phases of drug development and therapeutic areas.  In 2007, Carter was hired as vice president of research by Hill’s Pet Nutrition, a Colgate subsidiary, where he led nutrigenomics research and applied gene expression profiling to forward nutrition decisions for novel products in development. In addition to K-State Olathe's Advisory Board, Wayne serves on several other advisory boards:

  • KansasBio, a nonprofit organization to promote bioscience development in Kansas
  • Missouri Biotechnology Association Board of Directors, a nonprofit organization to promote bioscience development in Missouri
  • KUCR Board of Trustees
  • University of Missouri Research and Discovery Advisory Board

He holds a B.S., a D.V.M., and a Ph.D. in Cellular Immunology from Purdue University.