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John Breeden

John BreedenVice President of Sales and Marketing, DuPont

John Breeden's first job was as a food scientist for Russell Stover Candies in Cookeville, Tenn., before relocating to St. Joseph, Mo., to become a food technologist for Star Blends. The company was an ingredient supplier to the food industry and was later purchased by Grindsted Products out of Denmark.  Grindsted eventually became Danisco and Breeden transferred to Kansas City, where he has been for the last 26 years.  Within Danisco, he has held several positions including product manager, business manager, vice president of sales, and vice president of enablers for NAFTA and SAMSA.  Danisco was recently acquired by DuPont. Since the acquisition, John has served in several positions mostly focused on sales and marketing and oversees operations in U.S. and Canada.  

He holds a B.S in Food Science from Kansas State University.