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Scott Berghaus

Scott BerghausDirector at UMB Bank

With more than 35 years in the banking industry, Scott Berghaus is a highly experienced results-oriented banking executive with a proven track record in marketing, corporate social responsibility, strategic philanthropy, community development, local market delivery, business integration and compliance/regulatory management. He has an exceptional ability to coordinate efforts between diverse groups and cross-functional teams building consensus for rapid change and exemplary results.

In May 2018, Berghaus joined UMB Bank as the director of charitable trusts and foundations. 

Previously with U.S. Trust/Bank of America for more than 28 years, Berghaus held various positions in trust management, strategic philanthropy grantmaking, retail lending, loan operations, community relations and community development across the Bank of America franchise. 

In addition to K-State Olathe's Advisory Board, Berghaus has served on several other community boards: Kansas City Downtown Council Executive Board, Kansas CASA Association’s statewide board, Gillis Center for Children, Greater Kansas City Lender’s Consortium, Kansas City Community Development Initiative, Local Advisory Board of Kansas City Local Initiatives Support Corporation, National Rural Advisory Board of Rural LISC. 

Awards and recognition: Clifton R. Cohn Distinguished Community Leader Award, Gillis Center Kansas City Spirit Award Chair, Leadership Excellence in Neighborhood Development Award and BAC Freedom to Act Award.

Berghaus is a graduate of Kansas State University.