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K-State Olathe

Campus Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan describes our aspirations and goals for the campus, the university and the region.

Our plan aligns with and supports Kansas State University's strategic plan, K-State 2025.


To expand potential through education, research and engagement. 


Enhance Kansas State University's impact in the Greater Kansas City region through high-quality education, applied research and engagement.

Core Values

• Supportive   • Responsive   • Evidence-based 
• Collaborative   • Be the solution

Strategic Themes

K-State in KCBecome K-State's Hub in KC

The Olathe campus will be the front door for Kansas State University to expand impact and coordination in Kansas City. 

EducationAdvance knowledge through education and research

Provide relevant, integrative and in-demand educational programs and be the partner of choice to solve problems through applied research. 

EngagementImprove success through engagement

Extend Kansas State University's knowledge and expertise to improve the success of individuals, the community and industry. 

Customer focusOperational excellence

Internal processes and services are executed in a timely, accurate, value-added and cost-effective manner that exceed expectations.


Debbie Kirchhoff
Debbie Kirchhoff
Executive Director of
Strategic Initiatives