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Johnson County Education Research Triangle (JCERT)

What is the Johnson County Education Research Triangle, or JCERT?

JCERTThere are three legs to the triangle, including the KU Cancer Clinical Research Center in Fairway (CRC), K-State Olathe and the KU Edwards Campus BEST Center (Business, Engineering, Science and Technology) in Overland Park.

Besides an economic impact of well over $1.4 billion within its first two decades, the triangle will bring more cancer treatment options to our citizens right here at home. It will unlock millions of dollars in private and public donations and research grants. It will bring world-class food safety research and animal health master's degrees to Johnson County. It will provide expanded and much-needed engineering, science, business and technology programs to keep our existing businesses and jobs as well as attract new companies and new jobs.

While the Kansas Board of Regents maintains constitutional authority over the universities, a seven-member board, composed of elected officials from Johnson County, has been appointed to ensure that the use of public funds complies with state and local law. The board oversees funding, conducts annual independent audits and produces year-end reports. Each member is appointed to a four-year term,The authority members are appointed to four-year terms.

Learn more about the members, by visiting the JCERT website