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K-State Olathe

Professional Development

K-State Olathe hosts a variety of professional development events and workshops. Check back soon for new event postings.

Professional Workshops and Seminars

K-State Olathe connects the classroom to the workplace by offering leading edge classes in the latest technologies, innovations, techniques and research to help you advance your career and build crucial career skills. 

Learning is different when you're already in the workforce. Traditional methods may be less applicable to your work-life realities and pressing “pause” in your life and career is not a possibility.

K-State Olathe hosts professional workshops and seminars designed to advance your career and enable you to solve critical business issues or leverage complex data for a competitive edge. 

Ongoing Professional Development Series

Where Innovation Comes to Learn
Where Innovation Comes to Learn is a Spring 2015 workshop series facilitated by The Design Thinking Initiative at K-State Olathe.

Headliners 2025
Headliners 2025 is an interactive dialogue series that bridges academia, industry and government to positively impact Kansas City.

Noncredit Workshops

K-State Olathe also offers noncredit workshops in support of ongoing education and career development.