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Agribusiness - Animal Health Cohort

Program Overview

The Master of Agribusiness (MAB) distance degree program offers a MAB focused on individuals working in the animal health industry. The Master of Agribusiness combines a business, management and economic curriculum with a focus on working professionals in the animal health, companion animal and agribusiness industries. In addition to the traditional material covered, the Master of Agribusiness elective course, Economics of the
Global Animal Health Industry, further customizes the curriculum for the student. This enhances students’ ability to apply management and strategic skills to the challenges of a rapidly changing environment within the animal
health industry. 

How can the Master of Agribusiness benefit my career?

Students will learn strategies for making informed decisions based on an understanding of current issues and a combination of analytical and problem-solving skills to implement solutions to firm-level problems. Information is presented so that students integrate key concepts while immediately applying what they have learned. Students complete
company-related projects in many courses, solving issues for their firms.

What type of jobs can I earn with the Master of Agribusiness degree?

The advantages of the MAB program for students and their companies are numerous: investment in high-potential employees translates into retention, company growth and development. Many graduates have earned significant positions as CEO’s, Vice Presidents, Senior Directors and CFO’s after graduating from the program. Graduates also serve in a variety of functions pertaining to: sales, research, marketing, trading, finance, risk management, communications, and supply chain management, just to name a few.

How flexible is the Master of Agribusiness at K-State Olathe?

Course work is done through the Internet, DVDs, podcasts and live online recitation sessions. Students also visit the K-State Olathe campus two weeks a year. The time on campus allows students to meet classmates and faculty, receive training on the technology, interact with industry leaders, and give group project presentations. The flexibility of our distance program allows students to continue working full time throughout the program, even for those who travel frequently.

How long to complete this degree?

The majority of students complete the program in about 2.5 years.

Whom do I contact to learn more? 

To learn more about the admission requirements and application deadlines visit www.mab.ksu.edu or contact the MAB office at mab@k-state.edu or


 MAB student Brandon Garrett

"I was looking for a business-oriented program that would still have relevance to my job in the animal health industry, and this program met those requirements. With a background in biology/microbiology from my work and undergraduate degree, I have not had much experience on the business side of the industry, and this program is teaching me to think deeper on business issues that I had not previously considered."

-Zach G.

Learn more about the Agribusiness program.

Program brochure


Download the brochure for this academic program (pdf format).