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K-12 Education Programs

While K-State Olathe's main audience is graduate students and researchers, it has extended its expertise to K-12 learners as well. The K-12 science education programs are designed to support the six Johnson County public school districts in collaboratively developing, coordinating, and participating in educational programs in Animal Health, Food Safety, and Security.

K-State Olathe can:

  1. Assist in the development of new programs in Animal Health, Food Safety, and Security to align with the curricular needs of each school district;

  2. Develop, coordinate, and lead formal and informal professional development for K-12 science teachers in the areas of Animal Health, Biotechnology, and Food Safety and Security;

  3. Coordinate outreach activities, such as career fairs, family science nights, and field trips;

  4. Work with school districts in developing memorandum of agreements in partnership with Kansas State University Olathe to meet school districts academic and program goals;

  5. Create a bank of resources (guest speakers, researchers, faculty members, equipment) to assist in the educational needs of students in K-12 programs;

  6. Serve on educational advisory boards in the animal health, biotechnology, education, and food safety and security areas;

  7. Provide a smooth transition of knowledge between K-12 and higher education by providing a contact person who can navigate both education entities to benefit all; and

  8. Enhance the quality of K-12 science academic attainment in Johnson County students in meeting the 21st century needs of a rapidly changing and competitive world.


Martha Nowak

If you are interested in exploring collaboration between K-State Olathe and you or your group of students, please contact Martha Nowak, K-12 program coordinator, at (913) 541-1220.

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