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Campus Safety and Security

K-State Olathe is among the safest campuses in the United States. The University has adopted the Principles of Community, which describe the welcoming, safe and inclusive community K-State strives to be. Campus safety is a shared responsibility of faculty, staff and students. Together we make K-State what it is: a safe, supportive and caring community where the well-being of each of us is the responsibility of all of us.

K-State Olathe strives to ensure the safety of its students, faculty and staff at all times. The following resources are provided to help inform and educate all who engage with our campus.

• Annual Security Report for K-State Olathe (pdf)

• Crime Log

• Emergency Response Guide for K-State Olathe (pdf)

CARE Wheel (pdf)

How to get connected

K-State Alerts (Kansas State University's emergency notification system) gives campus authorities the ability to communicate emergency information quickly to the university community. The campus community is notified through many channels, including text messaging, alert beacons and automated phone calls. Alerts may be sent out when a dangerous condition exists on campus, a decision to close the campus has been made, or when a decision to reopen the campus following a forced closure has been made. To receive notifications, sign up for K-State Alerts and be sure to select the Olathe Campus Alerts group.

​Concerned about a student?

Are you concerned about the health, behavior, or welfare of a K-State student? The Office of Student Life (OSL) can reach out to them to help them get the assistance they need. Call OSL at 785-532-6432, or use the Student of Concern reporting form.

• Resources Offered by the Office of Student Life

• Additional Resources Offered by the K-State Police Department

Campus Security Authorities

Campus Security Authorities are required to report crimes. To report a crime, file a CSA crime report.

Safety Concern?

In the case of an emergency, dial 
9-911 (on campus) or 911 (off campus).

Safety concerns should always be reported. If you see unusual or threatening behavior, contact:

K-State Olathe Security
Room 102

K-State Olathe Facilities
Room 150

Or you may file an anonymous 
Silent Witness report.