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October 2017 News Releases

Kansas State University horticulture center donates thousands of pounds of produce

Through a collaboration with a non-profit agency, After the Harvest, the K-State Olathe Horticulture Research and Extension Center donated thousands of pounds of fresh produce for food banks to feed the hungry in the Kansas City area.


Christina's Cookie Co.
Cookie entrepreneurs finding sweet success with K-State Olathe services

A Kansas cookie startup is using K-State Olathe's services to scale up their business. Christina's Cookie Co., a cookie startup in Kansas, is using kitchen space and industry-grade cooking appliances and equipment at K-State Olathe to grow their business. 


Evie K
Program coordinator joins K-State Olathe team

Evie Kowalewski joins the Kansas State University Olathe campus as the program coordinator for the associate dean.