Tomato High Tunnel

Our research reflects the interdisciplinary nature of urban food systems and spans the food supply chain and food system outcomes. We conduct research that includes preharvest production factors, postharvest handling techniques, food quality and safety and consumer acceptability. The goal is to improve sustainable and urban agriculture systems, increase the availability of nutritious, safe and fresh produce, and increase profitability for small-acreage, local and urban growers. We also research teaching and learning methods as part of the delivery of our graduate education and farmer training programs to identify the most effective ways to advance knowledge and skills in this interdisciplinary field.


Student Projects

Research from our students is integral to our understanding of the urban food system environment. See how their projects in the labs and fields are making a positive difference in our world.



Findings from faculty and student research is often published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Published studies help inform others about the work being conducted at K-State and create a foundation for future food-based studies and decisions.

Publications list