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University Resources

As a part of Kansas State University, K-State Olathe has access to the entire university network and resources. Some of the overlapping resources include:  

Kansas State Technology Development Institute
The KSU Technology Development Institute provides innovative engineering and business solutions that help entrepreneurs and companies be more competitive in the marketplace. 

Kansas State University Institute for Commercialization
The KSU-IC works with public and private partners to license university and underused intellectual property. 

Kansas State University Research Foundation
KSURF handles research disclosures and the patent process. 


K-State Olathe is uniquely positioned to help foster collaboration between education and industry. The campus leverages the its resources and location as well as the resources and expertise at Kansas State University.

To explore collaboration opportunities, contact Debbie Kirchhoff, executive director of strategic initiatives, at 913-307-7386 or debbierk@k-state.edu.