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Industry Partnerships

Give your business a boost through a partnership with Kansas State University Olathe. The campus puts the expertise and resources of one of the nation's top research universities at your doorstep in the Kansas City area.

Professional development for your employees

We are integrating approaches for researcheducation and training opportunities to help professionals achieve greater potential in their skills, earnings and career opportunities. Employees will gain the added technical and professional skills needed to contribute to your organization's success.

Research and development for your company

Companies are partnering with Kansas State University for educational and research opportunities that link them with the expertise and assets of the Olathe, Manhattan and Salina campuses. Our resources help you to license new technologies.

Case in point

SmartVet is working closely with the Advanced Manufacturing Institute at Kansas State University to develop the second generation of their tools to administer parasite control to cattle.


Explore a partnership

To explore a partnership with K-State Olathe, contact Dean Vakas, chief operating officer, at 913-307-7310 and vakas@k-state.edu


Dean Vakas

Dean Vakas
Chief Operating Officer