Bhullar Food Safety Lab

Enhancing the safety of fresh produce

The Bhullar Food Safety Lab conducts academic research and microbial testing for the food industry.

Foodborne illnesses have caused an enormous impact on human health, with significant outbreaks occurring due to contaminated fresh produce and nuts. Fresh produce is commonly consumed raw without undergoing any kill step, which makes it a potential vector of a human pathogen. The safety of fresh produce is vulnerable to microbial contamination throughout the supply chain beginning from cultivation in the field until it reaches the plate of the consumer.

Internships for high school and college students are available.

K-State research makes your food safer

Food scientists are using ultraviolet light and other technology to kill harmful germs on fresh produce and help KC eat safe.


Lab director

Manreet BhullarManreet Bhullar, Ph.D.
Research Assistant Professor
Horticulture and Natural Resources




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